Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Dillon's Crazy Mad Scientist Party!!

It is my pleasure to share with you details of my son's Crazy Mad Scientist themed party created for his 6th birthday party!  All decor and the dessert table was designed and styled by myself, wendysprintableparty.etsy.com

My son had been attending a short after school club that involved the Mad Science team.  He loved taking part in the experiments and so began the seed that grew into the idea of him having the mad science theme party. 

This theme is perfect for boys or girls and the ideas are endless with many offering fun educational interaction for the little ones as well as the feeling of "playing" and just having fun. I really do recommend this theme as a party. 

For the entertainment we booked Mad Science North West and Scientific Sarah was the perfect party host.  The party guests were amazed and entertained by the cool  demonstrations and activities and the level of guest participation and interaction was great.  All children had the opportunity of making and taking home their own slime!!!! 

The package offered the option of an add on activity to finish with that we took up. This was  a sit on Hoverboard Ride - the kids thoroughly enjoyed this and was a fantastic end to the party - the only issue I had was that I was too big to have a go ;) 

The  Package also provided a Mad Science lab coat for the birthday boy which was signed by all of the party guests. A really nice touch and idea for a keep sake memory.


Above is a sample of the invitations that I designed for the Mad Science Party.  Each invite was handed out in a plastic test-tube with a "caution - open with care sign"! I went with this colour scheme throughout the party.


  • Backdrop -Colour coordinated with the theme of the party to go behind the dessert table. 
  • Cupcake Toppers and wrappers
  • Food Card Labels 
  • Science Experiment Book Decor - which were used to display party decor on the party table and dessert table. 
  • Atom Centrepiece decorations - these were very effective and fun to make.  I used poloystrene balls which were painted to match the colour scheme.  I attached two wire wreath rings together and added the painted balls to make them look like atoms.

Party Favors

  • Treat Bags - For the party treat bags I designed a personalised template for these mad scientist lab coat inspired boxes. I filled the bags with goodies such as handmade felt bow tie, crazy plastic glasses, eyeball bubbles, a science lab security clearance tag and a stick on moustache.
  • Party Hats - to match with the theme I created the Mad Scientist themed headband hats! Simple but very effective and gave great results on the photo opportunities.
  • Remote Control Mini Popcorn Box - I also designed Remote Control Mini Popcorn Box templates which were on the dessert table and were filled with lots of treats for the mini Mad Scientist's.

Dessert Table 

I had lots of fun creating the desserts for the party, these included: -

  • Test Tube Treats (filled with Jelly Beans)
  • Radioactive Jelly (in petri dishes with jelly sweet) 
  • Oozy Oreo Pops 
  • Snack Remote Control Popcorn Boxes - filled with popcorn and savoury snacks.
  • Mad Scientist Cupcakes 

Here are a few of the items which I created, I had such fun designing all of these : - 

A few photos of the party table.

These Lab Coat treat bags are available to purchase from my Etsy store (click here). These are fully customisable.

These Remote Popcorn Box templates are available to purchase from my Etsy store (click here). These are fully customisable.

My son found the cake design idea online and a good friend made her version of the cake together with the awesome Mad Scientist Cupcakes! 

This theme really was an enjoyable one for me to make and expand on, I had so much fun designing the decor and dessert for this Crazy Science party - such a fun theme!  

I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos and details as much as I did planning and creating and hope you see something to maybe give you inspiration for your own event. :)

If you have any further questions on anything you have seen or read please feel free to drop me an email i will gladly help if i can.

Have you used any of my printables for your parties?

I would love to see your party pictures and share on my blog!  

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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Jack's Hot Air Balloon Themed Christening Party

I am pleased to share with you details of a recent, hot air balloon themed christening party which I had the great pleasure of styling and designing all of the decorations.  This was a fantastic theme and colour scheme that is very well suited for a little boy's christening or birthday party! 

Table Decorations 

I first covered each individual table with a white banqueting table cover so, this helped to make all of the tables match, to finish off I then added a green runner down the centre of each table.

For the table centrepieces I designed and made these super cute hot air balloon decorations.  I designed the templates for the base which were made to look like baskets and I used the coordinating papers to create the hot air balloon.  They looked really effective and drew many comments.   

In addition to the centrepieces I also made some small clouds in blue and yellow paper that tied in perfect with the colour scheme these were then scattered onto the tables. 

To finish off the tables I included small paper airplanes, these were placed down the centre  line of the table on top of the runner, these proved to be a big hit with adults and children alike as they inevitably doubled up as a fun activity to throw haha!  It took a bit of searching and research to find the right template for the airplanes and the resulting selection were perfect, quite easy to make and most importantly they flew amazingly !!! ;-) 

Here are the cute centrepieces which I used for the tables! 

Room Decorations

I designed this coordinating banner to match in with the theme and colours.  The banner, bunting, table sign and cupcake toppers will soon be available for purchase in my store please feel free to visit and see the listing, of course this can be made fully personalised to your needs. 

Personalised hot air balloon cupcake toppers and cloud cupcake toppers in matching colour scheme.

The cake topper was designed to mirror as a small version of the table decorations and looked  very cute sat on top of the cake which was made to look like the sky!   I also added a small bunting banner with Jack's name behind the cake topper.

Personalised picture for the cake table.

Hot air balloon decorations complimented with helium filled balloons. 

To complete the party stage area I made this hot air balloon photo prop.  This was made from a large cardboard box which I painted to look like the basket and then added a small banner around the box to tie in with the overall colour scheme, sandbags were added and the finishing touch of helium filled balloons.  This was a fun addition to the party and the kiddies enjoyed having their photographs taken in it! Some lovely single and group photos were produced from this simple but effective prop. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this short blog and I hope you enjoy looking at the photos as much as I did planning and creating and hope that you may see something to give you inspiration for your own event. :)

If you have any further questions on anything you have seen or read please feel free to drop me an email i will gladly help if i can.

Have you used any of my printables for your parties?

I would love to see your party pictures and share on my blog!  

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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Dillon's Jedi Forest Training Camp - Star Wars Themed Party

I am excited to finally share with you details of my son's 5th Birthday Party that was based around a Jedi Training Camp / Star Wars themed birthday party, just in time for the release of the new Star Wars film! 

My son is a huge fan of Star Wars.  He became a fan after he discovered his daddy's original Star Wars toys and figures at his grandparents home (which he has now claimed as his own!) this was further cemented when he became a Padawan after he attended "Jedi Training Camp" whilst on a family holiday to Disney World. When asked what he wanted his party to be there was only ever going to be one answer.

When planning the party I had so many of my own ideas and thoughts along with many great things online ,it was just a matter of deciding what mixture of these were  incorporated into the party, of course the major input when brain storming ideas came from my son!!!! He was so enthusiastic about the theme he was just a fountain of ideas and suggestions. 

I found the Star Wars theme is such a fun theme for either a boy or girls party. The interaction during the day between the many Lukes, Darth's and Princess Leia's quickly showed this was not just appealing to the boys.

When looking for a venue I came across a Forest School local to me at the "Giant Leap Learning Centre".  I immediately loved the outdoor area and this was a perfect setting for what I had in mind for the party.  The only worry I had was the weather, as the party was in December and in the UK this is not historically a good time for outdoor weather, but you can't book the weather!!  Luckily it was a gorgeous winter's day and the weather stayed dry, well for most of the day! The Force was strong in keeping the rain away. 

Here is a sample of the invitation that I designed for my son's party!

I had such fun designing all of the decorations and here are a few of the items which I created: - 

Banners - I designed a template for a tie fighter style banner which spelt out my son's name and age and hung this with ribbon around the craft table, including home made tie fighters.

Tie Fighter Decorations - I made these tie fighters out of  paper lanterns.  I painted the lanterns and attached cardboard wings to each side.  I love how the Tie Fighters turned out - they looked really cute! This item drew a lot of comments from the parents.

Star bunting.  These were really simple to make.  Firstly I cut out star shapes from silver and gold card and attached to string.  We hung these around the craft table.

Character Cut Outs - I love to paint and so I had to make some cut outs for this theme.  I made a Darth Vader and Stromtrooper and used these to guard the gift table :-)  

Table Accessories 

I custom designed star wars themed party lunch boxes with coordinating food trays to serve up the party food and also created light sabre napkins / rings to hold the cutlery. 

Check out my Etsy store for more fun party food lunch box designs
There was a printable mask at each place setting and given to each child, even some of the parents wore them too haha!! They were a great find from the Amazing Party Shop on Etsy.  Check out their store for these and many more fun designs.  The masks were so easy to print and assemble!! 


Star Wars Scavenger Hunt - I created a Star Wars scavenger hunt game which was really fun and enjoyed by all the kiddies, this brought both parent and child together in finding the various Star Wars items scattered throughout the wooded area, the setting of the party helped massively in the success of this event.  

Star Building Craft  - The children made stars using twigs that they had to find in the wooded area, these were tied together to create the star and then decorated.  This activity was enjoyed by the parents also! :) 

Build your own droid - Packets were available on the craft tables with pre cut shapes that I had made from foams sheets, a quick and simple item to set up in advance but very entertaining and a take away keep sake for the kids.

Light Sabres - Every Jedi needs their own Light Sabre.  I created these by using foam piping and then created the handle myself that I printed onto a sticker that I then attached to cardboard tubes.  These were a massive hit with the kiddies! My son and his friends still have them in their room. The soft foam made these a very safe item that the kids really enjoyed.

Jedi Certificates and  R2D2 inspired Favor boxes - the certificate's were handed out to all of the kids individually at the end of the party along with their very own R2D2 inspired treat box filled with lots of goodies. This created further interaction and a sense of achievement for the children and you could see the happiness that they felt for their reward and effort.

Click here for listing 
These R2D2 inspired treat boxes are available in my Etsy store. 

Custom designed Jedi Knight certificates designed for the party!

We finished the party off by having a camp fire and handing out these certificate.  We toasted marshmallows and sang "Happy Birthday" to the birthday boy! 

This amazing cake was made by the very talented Lee of Pendle Cake Company. All items of the cake were edible including the figures, the detail was fantastic.

I had so much fun creating and designing this party for my son and loved seeing how happy he was with the day and all who attended the party!  

I hope you enjoy looking at the photos and details as much as I did planning and creating and hope you see something to maybe give you inspiration for your own event. :)

If you have any further questions on anything you have seen or read please feel free to drop me an email i will gladly help if i can.

Have you used any of my printables for your parties?

I would love to see your party pictures and share on my blog!  

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